1 Digit Numeric – Character Programmable Vehicle ID Display

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5 Year Warranty

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NVIZN Programmable LED Identification Displays are available up to 5 Characters in various LED Colors and Character sizes of 9”, 12”, 18”, 24”, and 36”and are engineered with advanced technology for maximum visibility and 24-hour usage, automatically dimming for night use to avoid glare and brightening for daytime use always ensuring “safe-site” operation. The Programmable LED displays feature user-friendly customization allowing for instant change to Digits (0-9), Characters (all letters A-Z), with a simple magnetic switch. For added safety & convenience, each display uses a “Locking” technology. Once programmed, this allows the user to shut down and startup vehicle as often as needed without any reprogramming. Our Programmable LED Displays have a high level of impact resistance with temperature-controlled LEDs which are shock & vibration resistant. You have your choice of display size and any number of characters up to 5 max, color, single frame or 3-sided displays, or multiple single frame displays ordered as a set for each vehicle for better Distance Criteria viewing of your unit number or identification message. NVIZN Identification Displays® have simplified operation and installation with accessories options available such as a remote control, additional length of power cord, or metal mounting bracket for installation to your heavy equipment or structure.

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