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Powered 2-piece Breakdown Whip with Magnetic Base and LED light (5.6’/1.7m)

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1 Year Warranty

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SW-053 is Heavy Duty All Weather Powered 2-piece Breakdown Warning Whip with Magnetic Base, Reflective Flag and LED light. The total assembled height including the base, the warning whip and the LED light is 5.6′  / 1.70m.  The Magnetic Base allows for secure on demand use and quick removal. Once disassembled into two 2.5 ft (76 cm) breakdown pieces the Warning Whip will fit in the trunk for easy storage. The full assembly consists of the following parts:

  • W05BDST-SXY: 5′(1.52m) Breakdown Heavy Duty Fiberglass Whip. This 2 Piece (Breakdown/Threaded) Powered whip has an 1156 Type Light Socket on top and has a Threaded base on the bottom. The whip diameter is 1/2″. This whip includes an Orange Mesh 11.5″ x 11.5″ flag with a Yellow Reflective ”X”.
  • 519.33LHR: Heavy Duty RED Magnet Mount with lift handle. Includes 3 (150# pull) Magnets with a Cigarette Cord for Powered Whips up to 8 ft (2.44 m) in length. Recommended maximum speed not to exceed 35 MPH (56 KPH).
  • 519.343-RCA: Threaded Mount for Powered Threaded Whips. With the RCA connection at bottom for a quick and easy power connection using the included Hot Plug (HP.2)
  • SC4-FA: Bright (Flashing) Amber LED Whip Light with Locking Base, Break and Scratch Resistant lens with 360° light diffusion, Multivoltage 10-40V   IP66 IP67; 100,000 Hour – Fits 1156 Sockets
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